Valentine Fleming is a struggling actress on a long and often comic journey to find her big break and after years of failed auditions and bit parts her hopes are fading fast so too is her self esteem.

She is staring into the abyss and a large jar of peanut butter and her only chance of landing a starring role is leading a theatre group for disinterested, hormonal teenagers. Her love life is faring no better.

With too much time wasted on an ex with bad news written all over him. Valentine is desperate for a break, so when she gets a call from her agent telling her she has a part in a play with a sexy leading man, she's over the moon.

She's not packing her bags for the Hollywood hills just yet but could this be the lucky break she’s been waiting for? 

But just as it seems that Valentine’s luck might be set to change, she learns a shocking secret about her past and her world is turned upside down...

Valentine by Rebecca Farnworth is published by Arrow, £6.99