Write a book review on the beach!

Write a book review on the beach!

With books piling high on my desk I decided it was time that I needed help! I could not read all of them even if I had all week to myself, so I thought why not elicit the help of my readers?!

The offer is now open to anyone who has read a book they love, or they hate, as long as you can justify why, we want to hear from you! Why just read and keep it to yourself? Let’s create a community of book lovers and why not have your thoughts featured in the leading women’s online mag?

It could be an old classic, or a new top ten, whatever the book, we want to know about it!

Are you a journalism student who loves to get stuck into a good book? Well submitting your reviews can boost your writers CV and combine it with something you enjoy!

Do you have an existing book blog?  If you would like to widen your readership then send us your book reviews and we can link them to your blog! This is a great opportunity for those who are wanting to increase their profile as a reviewer or a writer! We have a wide readership in the books section and are always looking for your thoughts on the most recent and older books! 

Whoever you are as long as you read we want you to email us, your opinion matters, so get writing!

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