All Meg wants is a perfect Christmas- since she was little that is all she has craved.

Christmas for One

Christmas for One

This year, she wants to give her little boy the best Christmas yet, despite being without her husband- his father and her estranged mother.

While in New York she meets handsome architect and begins to wonder if all her Christmases have finally come at once.

Sadly, I didn't get around to finishing this at Christmastime, so I thought it would be a little out of context in March. However there is just enough festivity to indulge your Christmas reading if you seek it but at the same time it is ideal for all year round reading. Everyone can empathise with love both gained and lost whatever the weather or month.

This book is delicious and not just because of its many descriptions of foods I would love to eat but can't have- but simply because you just eat the story up- it's 'unputdownable'. I found myself exhausted on a night, turning out the light and then turning it on again because I couldn't sleep without knowing what had happened to Meg!

This is the second book of Amanda's that I have read and you never know with one book to the next by the same author if it's going to have the same effect on you. This certainly was just as wonderful as Will You Remember Me?- although it didn't make me cry it had my tummy in knots- and I'm not even a mum yet! I will say it again- a true testament to the talents of an author when they can generate a reaction to something a reader has not yet experienced. And Amanda does that to me and likely all of her other readers too.

Amanda Prowse just gets it right- down to earth characters, realistic prose and raw emotions- I'm ready for round three!

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