Kerry Daynes is an expert forensic psychologist who has seen a multitude of both disturbing and uplifting things in her job, and has worked with some noteworthy clients.

What Lies Buried is out today! / Picture Credit: Mark Harrison

What Lies Buried is out today! / Picture Credit: Mark Harrison

Author of this outstanding book, Kerry Daynes, is a registered Consultant Forensic Psychologist who has 25 years of frontline experience. She often acts as a trusted advisor to the British government in regard to safely managing high-risk individuals. Daynes is also ‘The Profiler’ in award-nominated TV series, Faking IT: Tears of a Crime.

The synopsis

What Lies Buried is Daynes’ second book, and essentially focuses on nine case studies that each pave the way into understanding that there is always more than meets the eye, and there are always two sides to every story.

The book follows Daynes through her career working with some notable individuals (whose names she has changed to protect their identity) who needed her expert help.

Daynes’ career includes being stabbed in the stomach while at work, speaking with a woman who kept her sister’s body hidden after her death, and a woman who believes she must be able to see blood in order to be kept safe.

The contents of this book, whether hopeful or saddening, showed Daynes’ career as it is; in a raw and matter-of-fact manner, making What Lies Buried a genuine account of a woman and both her struggles and success within her career.

So, what did I think?

Going into this book, I knew a small amount about Kerry Daynes and her work, but upon reading up about her I had high expectations for her novel; I’m happy to say, I was not disappointed.

What Lies Buried is an exceptional, outstanding book about Daynes and her genuine adoration for her job and her will to help every single person, no matter their crime or circumstance.

One of the first things that hit me about Daynes was her compassion. The prologue sees her stabbed with a kebab skewer while at work, and it amazed me how her first thought wasn’t anger. The first thing she did was reassure the man who stabbed her.

Daynes’ shows compassion and empathy towards every single client, no matter what they have been accused of, because she knows that not everything is as it seems. This attitude really and honestly opened my eyes to the fact that while people do perform awful deeds, there can be an underlying problem that isn’t an excuse, but a reason.

Daynes’ writing style was stunning; it flowed beautifully from chapter to chapter and the tone (calm and respectful) was maintained throughout, even during some cases in which many others would have been more than judgemental.

The author has made this book easy to understand; everything is explained well and there wasn’t one point where I was confused or didn’t understand any language she used.

The one thing that really stood out to me while reading What Lies Buried, was not only Kerry’s understanding demeanour, but he genuine want to help people, especially those that have just been thrown in a mental hospital with no hope of getting better.

One case study, a young man who killed and seriously harmed another, was said to have his reasons. While he knew what he did was wrong, he claimed he had to or else he would be killed; he believed there was a tracking device in him (which was also telling him to murder), and he, years after his arrest, continued to try and bleed it out.

This proves that, while his crimes were horrific, he really did believe he was being controlled and his cries of pain and concern weren’t just a facade. That is what What Lies Buried is about; getting to the root of the issue and throwing any prejudices aside.

This novel has taught me that there is more to every person’s story, and the discussion of ‘are they mad or are they bad’ is a ridiculous one, because it’s never that simple.

There are people who have grieving issues and struggle to let go, others had a tough start in life and found it hard to break the cycle of crime and drugs, and so on. There is always another side to the coin.

There was not one page where I lost interest; every sentence gripped me and Daynes’ loving and rather humorous personality came through in her anecdotes. This book is exceptionally interesting and I could not put it down.

What Lies Buried is an outstanding story of Daynes and her compassionate nature and will to help everyone, no mater their situation or the accusations thrown at them.

This book is a significant read that has genuinely opened my eyes and mind to the fact that what lies on the surface of a person tells almost nothing of who they really are. This novel gives those who are often cast aside a fighting chance; thanks to Kerry.

What Lies Buried is out today (August 19th, 2021)!

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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