Coco's Secret

Coco's Secret

I'd read A Message To Your Heart by Niamh Greene and really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to reading Coco's Secret and discovering a new story. I really love the cover of Coco's Secret in particular, it is beautiful and only made me more keen to get started!

Coco Swan was named after the famous Coco Chanel, and she lives an ordinary life working in a family antique shop. After winning an auction lot, Coco finds a genuine Coco Chanel bag in a box of odds and ends, and a Chanel bag is something her later mother has always wanted her to have. But when Coco finds a letter within the bag, she decides to set off on a journey to piece together the story behind it all....

I loved Coco as a character, I warmed to her straight away, and most of all I understood her. I liked her love for antiques, her personality shone from the pages and I thoroughly enjoyed the time that I spent with her. I particularly loved her journey of self-discovery, and I enjoyed watching her grow as a person as I read about her quest to discover more about the bag and the letter.

I loved the excitement in the story as Coco began to explore not only where the bag might have come from, but areas of her own life too, and I found the letter to be particularly interesting - I always wanted to read on to discover more about it!

Exploring family, love, friendship, secrets and mystery - Coco's Secret is a wonderful story that I am already looking forward to re-reading!

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