Something Blue

Something Blue

Something Blue is the follow on from Something Borrowed, and begins where Darcy finds out that her best friend since she was little, Rachel, has been sleeping with her fiancée behind her back. She is not totally blameless as she has been sleeping with her fiancé’s best friend too and so the story continues!  


The book weaved beautifully in from the last and also provides enough information about the first one so you don’t get lost off. I would however urge people to read the first one anyway because it is great to discover the conflicting thought processes of each of the central characters. The last one followed the thoughts and feelings of Rachel and this one follows Darcy as she is left with nothing and no one and has to rebuild her life while pregnant and alone.


I loved the book because of the progression the character of Darcy makes from beginning to end. She is a strangely likable character even though she is shallow and self-centred but you still find yourself caring about her future. Small but noticeable differences in her approach to things and her actions slowly win you over as you read.


It gives you hope that even under the most extreme of circumstances friendship can still survive and that people can forgive bad decisions in the long run especially if there is a deep routed history present.  This book left me in tears at the end with is testament to how much of a talented writer Emily Giffin is in pulling at those heart strings.


Although this is a hugely enjoyable piece of modern women's fiction, it is also a triumph in terms of how character driven it is as well as how well paced Darcy’s transformation is conveyed throughout. I am going to read more of Emily Griffin’s books after experiencing these; however I am, sad to leave behind the characters in Something Borrowed and Something Blue. 

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