Zoe and Greg Milton are married and have let the pounds pile on as the years have gone on. Zoe was a nine stone stunner in her day and Greg was a fit as a lop rugby player- but as the take aways have taken over their life they are twice the people they used to be.

Fat Chance

Fat Chance

Then Zoe's best friend and local DJ asks her to take part in a competition that could win her and Greg £50,000 if they lose enough weight between them, along with 5 other couples who yearn for the cash prize and the reduced waist line.

The couple endure 6 months of harsh dieting and even harsher exercise routines to get to their combined goal.

Spalding convincingly writes from both male and female perspectives as the book is comprised of diary entries from both Zoe and Greg- making this a very personal tale of two people who love each other but not themselves. The books makes you wonder if Spalding has read one of your own diaries some of the stories are so close to home!

Every page makes you laugh much to the annoyance of my husband as I could not stop chuckling to myself reading the unforgettable Cabbage Soup Diet chapter at bed time.

The book is not only humorous but is very topical right now as many couples will have and are experiencing the same as the characters- without the help and motivation of a competition to keep them going.

Despite the laugh out loud comments and scenarios, it is at heart about a couple rediscovering themselves and their relationship all over again. With a heart-warming ending and some very sensible conclusions on dieting- this book is a journey and I am delighted that by reading it- it has become part of mine.

Spalding perfectly balances humour with something much deeper- an addictive read that puts everything back into perspective.

Love From Both Sides by Nick Spalding 

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