Greta and Max are newly married. What could make this time more perfect than a cottage near her parent's on the Isle of Wight to fulfil their dream of a place in the country?

Dream Cottage

Dream Cottage

Local clergyman Reverend Oliphant agrees to sell the property to the newlyweds and finally they have a place to call their own in a location that means the world to them both.

The renovations are underway and things seem to be going smoothly- that is until the hauntings of a severed hand and the voices of two females begin to invade Greta's dreams. Then the discovery of a secret passageway beneath the house through a well that opens up many years' worth of secrets- secrets that were intended to stay left alone- just like the house.

Dream Cottage builds up the suspense from the generic event of a couple looking for a place to live after their wedding day to something far more sinister and chilling. It leads you down the garden path as it were, leaving you doubting characters you once trusted and investing in those who perhaps you shouldn't. The hauntings are unique in a market that is saturated with clichéd depictions of ghostly sightings in both books and film.

I read this book in two sittings as it kept me hooked right until the end. This is only the author's second book, so I am looking forward to any more supernatural offerings that she might bring to the table.

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