No matter how much we remind ourselves that we don’t need a romantic partner in order to be happy, being single (and happy!) on Valentine’s Day can sometimes feel like a stretch.

The Queendom Within

The Queendom Within

So if you’re feeling sad or generally rubbish about that lack of a special someone, give yourself a break – you are human after all! And with our COVID time preventing the usual party with your single friends as an antidote to a candlelight dinner, it’s natural to feel like nothing is going your way.

But before you write the day off as a sad, self-isolated Netflix event without the cuddles, I encourage you to use this day to realign to the life you want, so that you are ready when restrictions start to lift.

When we’re stuck on finding our perfect match, it can be easy to feel only half alive, making space for somebody that doesn’t yet exist for us. This is a pattern I found myself in for many years, always holding back from doing things that might prevent me from ‘meeting him’ or disregarding my own instincts when someone who was wrong for me showed me much interest.

The result? We go round in circles, looking for our other half while wondering why we’re feeling so incomplete. It’s time to uncover and reclaim our whole life and whole being as the best kind of medicine to heal a lonely heart.

Below I’ll take you through some key practices that form the core sections of my new book The Queendom Within: Rewrite Your Fairy Tale and Create Your Own Happily Ever After.

Use these to self-reflect, or better grab a pen and journal and note down what comes up.

1. Meet the real you. Who is behind the masks you wear? What would you most want for your life and relationships outside of anyone else’s influence? How do you want to feel in a relationship?

2. Dare to shine. I know it can be sad and scary but trust me when I say that those who leave you for being your self were never yours to start with. Practice ‘being you’. Expressing and living authentically is what clears the way and makes space for the best people and experiences to find you.

3. Live now. Stop trying to be available for someone who you haven’t yet met. Ask yourself this: why would living fully in your joy repel your perfect partner? Focus on travelling down your own path and who is meant for you will surely show up.

4. Honour yourself. There will be many people and opportunities that test your commitment to yourself, your needs and the life you want to live. And let’s be honest, you will get off track once in a while! Remind yourself again and again of who you are and what you want. Remember, you can choose something new at any point in time.

5. Trust. You can’t know what lies ahead for you, and would you even want to? Trust is believing that things will work out for you. What can you do (or stop doing) that will show yourself and the world that you trust in what’s to come?

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