If you dreamed that you were a character in a fairy tale perhaps you feel the need to be rescued or swept off your feet.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Is this a realistic notion or do you need to lower your expectations?

If you were reading a fairy tale then you may be someone who is romantic at heart. Do you need to show someone you care about your romantic side more? Perhaps this would improve your relationship.

Fairy tales are generally a positive sign of good fortune and a joyful life. If you find yourself in a good place- try not to take it for granted.

If you were the writer of the fairy tale- this suggests that someone is deceiving you or you are deceiving yourself. Be careful who you trust or dig deep and find out what you are trying to shield yourself from.

Fairy tales might reflect your desire to escape from something or someone in your waking hours. Why is this? What do you fear? If you can pinpoint this- then you may be able to move on.

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Fairy tale creatures are considered a negative sign- even more so if the character attacks you- this signifies bad luck. With that said, if they were simply in your dream, this is just a sign of minor troubles in your near future. Try not to worry about them too much.

This type of tale is also thought to be related to goals. Consider what goals you have in life- are you putting the necessary things in place to achieve them? Are you reaching your fullest potential?

Fairy tales are associated with childhood too. Is there something left unresolved from your younger years that you need to address? Or do you need to apply something from your childhood to the present to make your life feel more fulfilled?

Consider which fairy tale you were in- if it was a famous story, this might give you greater insight into what you need to do next or the lessons you can learn from your actions.

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Fairies are synonymous with magic, wishes, humour, lightness and enchantment. Perhaps you are secretly wishing for something in your waking hours and hope it will come true. Or maybe you want more light-heartedness in your life. There are thought to be reassurances when you dream about a fairy that your innermost desires will come true- whatever form the fairy takes in your dream. Fairies are considered to be messengers too so perhaps someone is trying to tell you something or do you need to pass on some information to someone else?These creatures can be traced back to European, Roman and Greek folklore and are known for their trickery. Perhaps someone is trying to trick you- in which case, be careful who you trust and what people promise. On the flipside- are you trying to trick someone? If so- why? And is it worth it?... to read more click HERE 

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