Lily is an aspiring singer and meets the American rock star Jed whom she hits it off with from the beginning. With his gruelling schedule- seeing each other is almost impossible so Jed invites Lillie to sing with his band on tour. Lillie hesitates as she has just got out of a relationship with another man who was married with a kid- so she is worried history will repeat itself.

How to Catch a Rock Star

How to Catch a Rock Star

They soon become the hottest couple- but behind the scenes, the fan girls, small tour bus and angered guitarist take a toll on their relationship. Lillie is finally living the dream but will it all come crashing down eventually?

The book gives a new insight into the rock and roll lifestyle that not many get the opportunity to witness. It focuses on the harsh reality of how living far apart makes it difficult to maintain a relationship- but conversely sharing the same dream can be just as hard to navigate.

All of the characters are flawed and the main protagonist's relationship is back and forth with many a 'will they won't they?' moment, making the romantic element of this book very real and believable.

There are so many red herrings in this book that you genuinely don't know where it's going to end up.

The passion is so strong between the two characters and the sex scenes leave Fifty Shades of Grey standing.

A well balanced book of love, sex, friendship and being true to who you really are. I am looking forward to the next offering from Gabrielle Aquilina.

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