Jemima J

Jemima J

Jemima Jones is seven stone overweight and her nasty flat-mates don’t let her forget it. She works for the Kilburn Herald, overshadowed by her colleague Geraldine, who has far less talent but gets more money and attention from every man that sets foot in their office than Jemima could ever dream of. Food is the only thing that makes her situation better- that and Ben her colleague who she has been in love with since he arrived at work. She feels that change needs to happen- but it kicks up a lot of questions- Why? In what time frame and most importantly how?

This is the first Jane Green novel I have ever read and this has certainly given me the thirst to read more of her work- I am just sorry that I am so late to the party.

With every novel I read about body image, I expect them to follow a certain formula; however I am pleasantly surprised with how each new author takes another slant on a genre that could easily fall into a predictable pattern- Jemima J is no exception.

Jemima J is a very relatable character, for everyone feels that there is someone at work that they are inferior to and sometimes wish they could steal a little piece of to make themselves better. There is also a point in everyone’s life where they feel that they are falling behind and not achieved everything they want to. We have all been a Jemima J at one moment or another and that is where the strength lies in this story.

The novel takes an unlikely turn and I did not see the twist coming at the end of the book, despite the narrator’s hints along the way.

I enjoyed the omnipresence of the narrator- taking a well needed impartial viewpoint to balance Jemima’s thoughts when she is being blinded by 'love'.

Another triumph in the body image category and a great message at the end for women who have endured similar negativity about their own bodies.

A wonderful story of friendship in the unlikeliest of places and coping with change- in all of its highs and lows. It's an older publication but most definately one to add to the collection!


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