Louis Theroux is a man after my own heart. As one of the reasons I decided I wanted to be a journalist, he is for me, and many others, one of the best broadcasters the world has ever seen. His dry humour, quick wit and probing questions in the face of some of the strangest, most bigoted, and often extremely unusual people on the planet makes for compelling viewing; so how does that all shake down when the man puts pen to paper and releases a memoir detailing those very moments?

Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times in Television, isn't Theroux's first book. In fact, it's his third. It is however his most revealing, as the author peels back the curtain on his emotions and feelings in the midst of major controversy - most notably that surrounding Jimmy Savile, who he had developed an almost-friendship with during their years working together.

Theroux is completely honest and open throughout. This would have been an easy opportunity to rewrite history and suggest that his relationship with Savile had simply been a working one, now that the truth has been revealed about the infamous DJ's history of sexual assault and harassment. Instead, Theroux admits he had quite the fascination with Savile, and continued to maintain a comradery with him even after his initial documentary.

Whilst a few chapters are dedicated to Theroux's time with Savile, that's not the story that overshadows the entire book. There are huge sections discussing a number of his different shows, going into particular detail about some of the earliest, including the Weird Weekends series.

That world of entertainment and a heavy work load is something that has weighed heavily on Theroux's home life. With his wife Nancy and his three children, there have been problems that could have easily been omitted from this text. Here however, Theroux is completely honest with how his behaviour has at times left him furious at himself, whilst still understanding exactly why he's had to act that way to further progress his career.

Engaging with every page, offering some insight to his younger years and home life, as well as his career, Theroux has put out a brilliant 400-page memoir that he can be proud of.

This is a book that you will absolutely adore if you're a fan of Theroux's TV work. If you're unfamiliar, it can also serve as a brilliant introduction to the man that has cast a spell on the world with his unique filmmaking techniques. I'd absolutely encourage anybody to pick up a copy and indulge.

Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times in Television is available now.

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