Man vs. Toddler is the highly anticipated sequel to Dummy or Man vs. Baby- and if you haven’t read Dummy yet- I strongly urge you to abandon this review and purchase a copy of that first. Everything will make a lot more sense.

Man vs. Toddler

Man vs. Toddler

Coyne’s son Charlie is now a toddler and in this book the author hilariously documents the ups and downs of trying to get a small person mobile as well as dealing with the other hurdles that are typical of this age such as tantrums, potty training and days out.

I was so excited to read this book after Dummy as that book got me through many a difficult night as a new parent and the second instalment certainly didn’t disappoint.

I believe Coyne’s books are best read as you are going through the same experiences yourself to get the full benefit, however I have passed this book onto other members of the family who have reached a further phase in their child’s development and have enjoyed it all the same. I guess the memories of both good and bad are still etched in their brain!

I found myself reading extracts to my partner and my parents as I was reading it as I felt like I had to share this brilliant piece of non-fiction with whoever I could. No book has ever made me laugh out loud before- but this one made me chuckle so hard I nearly woke the baby!

If you are finding the toddler phase difficult, I encourage you to buy this book. It’s like having an understanding friend with you through the rough and the smooth who is there to cheer you up when you feel like you are doing a bad job.

Parenting can feel lonely when you’re surrounded by people who aren’t experiencing this new and scary world along with you.

Coyne brought light to my life when I was struggling the most with being a new mum and for that I am very grateful to him. This book was like therapy for me. 

Don’t go it alone- bring Matt and Charlie along for the ride- I’m certain you will feel better for their company!

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