If you have ever attended a diet club, you will be able to relate to this book. The motivational one-liners, the excuses and the promises- it's all in there.

The Curvy Girls Club

The Curvy Girls Club

The protagonists are as normal as you and me so they are so easy to relate to and familiar- their conversations reminded me of the ones I have with my own mates while we've been on the latest diet fad.

Best mates Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane have had enough of being on a constant diet so they start a club where everyone is welcome and size is irrelevant. It affects their lives in ways they never anticipated.

The timing is bittersweet however as the club goes from strength to strength, while behind closed doors they each have everyday relationship and body confidence problems to deal with.

Katie has a crush on the handsome guy in the office- but is he suddenly paying her attention for the right reasons?

Pixie wants to leave her husband- but can't summon up the courage- can her friends help her to find her inner strength?

Jane flits from one extreme diet to another- will one of them eventually take a toll on her health?

Ellie has trust issues over her boyfriend and with the help of Kate she finds out what he's been doing.

I loved this book because it focuses on the importance of female friendship, forgiveness; the realisation that everyone is battling something in private and not to judge people too quickly.

It reinforces the point that people should love you for you. In fact, quite often they do- but sometimes the pressures of external influences can convince you otherwise.

It has a really strong, positive message- all young girls should read this book to reassure them that with the right people around you- you can move mountains and to live with what's comfortable for you because everyone is so different.

I read this while on holiday and it certainly made me focus less on my body and more on having a good time-which is what it's all about. The ideal summer read if you want to put things back into perspective.

Oh and to let you know-every time you pick up this book- the cover will make you want to eat cake- just saying!

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