Rachel's Holiday

Rachel's Holiday

Knowing that Marian Keyes is an extremely popular author among my friends and family, I decided it was probably about time to join the club. I've been reading this during my morning commute on my iPhone - so it's my first proper e-book as well! Thankfully, the story was light and amusing, and quite easy to read while being stuck in traffic. It was easy to pick up after leaving it for a few days as well!

So Rachel is our main character, who on first look seems to just party a bit too hard during her time in New York; drugs, booze and 'the men'. Initially it seems as if the book is set in New York, and we are treated to the various meetings between Brigit (Rachel's flatmate), Rachel and the 'men'. As the book develops, Rachel becomes unknowingly attached to Luke and also a variety of drugs. Eventually we enter the world of 'The Cloisters'. This occurs during Rachel's stomach pumping, failing addiction to drugs. Is it a celebrity rehab? The answer is very simple: NO. The Cloisters is strict, and full of other addicts (drug, gambling, alcohol, food etc.) We meet an array of characters; some warm your heart like Chris who Rachel obsesses over, Misty, a rather pretentious half-celeb and Rachel's roommate. As the book progresses we learn of the deep issues held by the various addicts - Keyes definitely switches the mood of the book during these scenes, you really start to become emotionally attached to these characters that previously irritated and on times, offended you. 

Other than delving into the various traumatic issues linked to the other clients such as alcoholic parents, divorces, sexual abuse etc., Keyes unpacks Rachel bit by bit in such a careful manner. Half way through the text you begin to question whether Rachel is just an attention seeker, which in part becomes true. Jacqueline (the nun therapist) at the Cloisters unveils Rachel's low self-esteem and her need and desire to be liked and love. This explains the lustful relationship she had with Luke. Just to upset the apple cart at the climax of the text, Keyes flyies Luke and Bridgit in from New York - cue pure hatred from Rachel.

Eventually the novel rounds off with a resolve between Rachel and Luke, who seemingly realise they are madly in love. Not only does this novel remind you of the difficulties in life, it highlights how you can find support and friendship in quite unlikely places and sometimes you're lucky enough to have a second chance in life.

Really enjoyed the book, definitely a 4 star read!

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