I must admit, I can’t get enough of all the books on the market right now that encourage you to ‘live more with less’.



While Lightly touches upon the importance of decluttering as a means of lightening your load in life, it takes things one step further than others of its kind.

The book focuses on how you can lighten your thoughts, your actions and the moments in your life that are weighing you down at present to create a more rounded approach.

What I liked most about the book is that it doesn’t just fixate on one area of your life- it covers every aspect of your world and tackles all the possible reasons you feel stagnant or heavy.

It is minimalism in every sense of the word and encourages you not only to lighten the load of your things but also the load of mental clutter that you often carry around with you unnecessarily.

The book focuses on four key areas- you stuff (your belongings), your step (your environmental impact), your stress (the time wasters) and your spirit (the emotional baggage). When all of these have been lightened- there is space to pursue the things you love with ease and freedom.

So many books of this ilk are very centred around objects as opposed to the things we can’t see which is what sets it apart from other books you may have read in this category.

Jay is non judgemental and encourages you to adopt whatever fits in with your particular lifestyle rather than telling you what you should do- which is another downfall of books in this genre.

The book is designed to dip in and out of where you see fit, so if you need to remind yourself about a particular section it is divided up for quick and easy access.

With inspirational quotes throughout, this book leaves you feeling more positive and inspired to get the most out of your life.

After taking Jay’s advice, I have found time for writing again, which I had abandoned for some time to focus on the superfluous. Thank you Francine for helping me to clear some space and fill it with the things that truly bring me happiness.

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