If you're a vegan who's stuck in a rut and rotates the same few dishes every week, then this book is for you to help you break the mould and try something new.

Street Vegan

Street Vegan

The tale behind the Street Vegan is a delightful one. Adam Sobel wanted to let the world taste just how good this type of food can be and so set up the Cinnamon Snail food truck, which attracted many people yearning to taste his culinary creations in the streets of New York. Every one of these recipes has been served to a hungry customer from the confines of a truck. This makes the book all the more inspiring, with the many obstacles that have stood and still do stand in Adam's way, he still manages to ensure vegans have tasty and adventurous meals at home and away.

If you have ever doubted how delicious vegan food can be, then this book will put all those doubts to bed. We all know it's healthy, yes, but do we know of its potential? Perhaps not. For vegans who are disheartened with their usual repertoire, then they need no longer feel uninspired.

For all the vegans who have not been lucky enough to make the trip to New York to sample Adam's dishes (like me), we now have this book to bring the recipes straight to us in our own kitchen.

With stunning photography that's bursting with colour throughout, this book is a visual delight, as will be the food you make from its guidance.

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