During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we’ve all been challenged and many of us, financially. Through it all though, I’ve witnessed the remarkable gifts that angels of wealth have brought to many people, including myself in the form of financial help, security, work situations, help with bills and even achieving hopes and dreams.

Talking with Angels of Wealth

Talking with Angels of Wealth

Our angels of wealth are there to support, protect and guide us through times of hardship to find solutions and attract opportunities that we may not be able to achieve through tangible means alone.

It is often through times of worry and feeling alone that we forget there is angelic support available for us. This is the time we should especially call upon our angels of wealth to help us remove obstacles, overcome hurdles, attract the right solutions or help us to change our lives so as to attract that which matches with our desires.

It is a fallacy that angels can’t help us with money, as wealth helps us to satisfy our basic and physiological needs so that we can achieve our highest potential and is what our angels wish for us. When we face challenges with poverty, money difficulties and so on, we cannot find solutions with the same mindset that got us into those situations. By asking our angels of wealth to help us, we can overcome our limited thinking and attract the right solution to magnetically draw to us that which serves our deepest desires and highest good.

Like many, as the pandemic struck at the heart of our society, I was not only faced with serious health issues but financial challenges too. Having money worries was then amplifying my already compromised health so I needed to address it radically. Having just written the Talking with Angels of Wealth book, I knew I was being shown I had to make drastic changes to my life in order to survive.

So I knew it was a big ask, but I asked my angels to help me change my life so that I no longer had to work the gruellingly long hours I was working, to gain more financial freedom and to get well and knew the only way was a complete life change.

Deep down my heart wants to focus solely on writing and spending time with loved ones. I also have a passion for travel but want a home to always come back to that inspires not just me but all who spend time in it.

No sooner had I asked my angels for what I wished for, I started noticing the signs and synchronicities. In just over 3 months my world started transforming and the trigger began when I resigned from the work I was doing through ill health. As soon as I did, opportunities and synchronistic meetings started to show me that my angels had taken everything on board.

My life went from living alone, isolated, health challenged and financially struggling to a newly emerging life that is offering me everything that I’d asked for but more magnificently than I could have imagined.

I’ve conversed with angels since the age of 3 but this is one of the most radically life changing experiences they have helped me with to date, as it has also help change the lives of so many of my loved ones too, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

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