When two best friends become entangled in a murder investigation, again, will their friendship be broken, or can they make it through together? 

Will Owen and Luna break apart, or will they remain friends 'till the end? / Picture Credit: Titan Books

Will Owen and Luna break apart, or will they remain friends 'till the end? / Picture Credit: Titan Books

Author of this incredible book, Lisa Lutz, has been known to write stunning stories such as The Passenger, which was described as “spellbinding” by the Daily Mail. Her other novel, The Swallows, was dubbed “riveting” by Caroline Kepnes. 

The Synopsis 

Two people who couldn’t appear more different, Owen Mann and Luna Grey, become unlikely friends, and after many years, are still somewhat inseparable. 

Owen is charming, outgoing, and rather humorous, while Luna is secretive, particular, and cautious. Despite their differences, their chance meeting created a bond that will seemingly last forever. 

Almost 20 years after their first encounter, Owen’s wife is found dead, and the investigation that follows will shine a light on hidden secrets, ones that both Luna and Owen would prefer to keep to themselves. 

Friendships are tested, truths are revealed, and tales are told that will rock both Luna and Owen – can they make it through this? 

So, what did I think? 

When I began The Accomplice, I wasn’t exactly blown away by the first few pages. However, by the end of the first chapter, all I wanted to do was lock myself in, light a candle, and finish the book in one sitting. 

Lisa Lutz has, not for the first time, written an absolutely incredible story. There is a whodunnit vibe spread throughout the whole book, which very much kept me guessing for the entirety of my time reading. 

I loved the way Lutz crafted this story, by giving me information both from the past and the present that linked together in different ways throughout. The past answered questions about the future, and sometimes even the future would answer questions about the past. 

It was a very clever way to structure a book, especially one in which secrets are hidden everywhere. I adored the jumping back and forth, and since Lutz stated the month and year each time, I knew exactly where I was with each change. 

The way Lutz structured the story gave it so much intrigue, as almost every chapter left you on a cliffhanger, but not for too long, as I had time to think about what was happening before more information was given to me, changing my thoughts and opinions in such a subtle way. 

This, paired with the equally-riveting writing style, allowed the story and the characters within it to shine. Owen and Luna are perfect main characters; their personalities are so different, yet they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. 

They know each other so well, more so than their spouses, and even live within walking distance from each other in the present-tense. They are written with care, and it shows. 

One of my favourite things about The Accomplice is the choice to use the third-person, rather than tell the story from Owen or Luna’s perspective. 

This was a genuinely incredible way to tell this tale, as the third person made me feel like I only had an outside perspective, I wasn’t supposed to be in Owen or Luna’s shoes. 

I loved that I had a view like this, as it made each secret more shocking, and allowed me to think about each character and their motives, reasonings, and more in regard to the death of not only Owen’s wife, but someone from his past, too. 

Lutz’s writing is perfect, as I always knew what was happening, where I was, and which character was in focus. The intrigue never left me, not even for a single page, and the narrative only became more thrilling and interesting the more I read. 

The intrigue of the story only built up over time, not faltering once. This is both impressive and entertaining, as I was fully-focused at all times due to Lutz’s gripping writing. 

Each conversation felt so natural, every character was fully-fledged and felt so real, and each secret was revealed in an almost calm manner (not every time, however), that it was even more shocking. 

This book was well-paced, immensely clever, had an incredibly thrilling atmosphere mixed with drama, and each chapter added something that the narrative couldn’t have done without. 

The Accomplice has an intense narrative, incredibly well-written characters, and a captivating ending. I adored this book, and will be recommending it to others who I know will enjoy it as much as I did. 

Written by Melissa, who you can follow on Twitter @melissajournal

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