The Assassins' Village

The Assassins' Village

The Assassins’ Village” by the acclaimed indie author, Faith Mortimer, introduces, Diana Rivers, writer, sometime actor and amateur sleuth.

When an expatriate theatrical group gather to discuss their next play there will be murder. A blackmailer stalks their picturesque Cypriot village. The group is riven with jealousies, rivalry, sexual tension and illicit affairs. Unbeknown to each other they all attempt to find solutions to their problems. Some believe it lies in murder. Can they find the blackmailer? And can they find that all important ‘little black book’ – the chronicle of their misdeeds. A body is discovered and Diana turns detective to draw up a suspects list. After the police get involved one of the suspects is found hanged – is this another murder or suicide? Was he indeed hanged? A visit to a villager’s home uncovers an ancient assassin’s device. Could this be the murder weapon? Is it possible that an assassin lives at the heart of this formerly peaceful and idyllic mountain village? Love, hate, murder and high drama all feature in this classic historical detective story. With a long list of suspects, some dramatic twists and the odd red herring, the reader is left guessing until the final curtain. Author description

This is not just a ‘who done it’ but also a wonderful picture of ex pat life in  Cyprus. Ms Mortimer brings all her ex-pat characters alive with a sure touch and a deft stroke of the pen. But she doesn’t just stop there. She also gives us an insight into the Cypriots as well. Their way of thinking as well as their way of life.

Her characterisation is the reason this book works so well. It is so well written, the book is an easy read, as not one word is out of place or unnecessary. A tour de force of the ‘Who done it’ mystery genre.

By Wendy Cartmell

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