The Classic Guide to Dating

The Classic Guide to Dating

This witty guide to finding 'the one' is a wonderful comparison of what was appropriate in times gone by when wooing someone you admired. You may gasp, be offended or simply find it funny to dive into a world that is so vastly different to the dating scene we know today.

With chapters on everything you can think of to do with the most universal ritual of all- this book delves into every aspect you could imagine to be successful (or not so much) in romance- you may be shocked by some of the recommendations. Make of them what you will!

I loved this for its unapologetic advice and its unwillingness to consider any other way of pursuing the opposite sex. It is a refreshing insight into what was expected of women and what was assumed by both parties during courtship in the late 1800s.

As someone who writes about modern day dating every working day of my life, I was intrigued to know of the pointers that were given back in 1890 to seek out love and sustain it.

It was originally published as The Mystery of Love, Courtship and Marriage Explained-  a very aptly named book- even now. Many of us are still baffled by the notion of love and what action we should take- so it begs the question, how far have we come in the dating arena?

This book is for anyone who dates, works to help people be successful in love or who is just looking to find out why and where these traditions began and how many of them we have clung onto, willingly or reluctantly.

When reading this book, the impression I got was that love sounded complicated back then, with far more rules than there are today. So be grateful that there are not as many guidelines to learn before embarking in your first date. If anything, this book gives you an appreciation of how easy dating can be in comparison to now, despite still being mysterious.

This guide will make you chuckle, it will educate you and it will make you count your blessings- but most of all it will make you think about your love life differently.  

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