The Templar Agenda

The Templar Agenda

A Swiss banker is found murdered, the latest in a string of murders whose victims had connections to the Vatican. Their killers: a secret society whose members include some of the most influential men on the planet. They are the inheritors of the Knights Templar: an ancient brotherhood of warrior monks who once fought for the preservation of the Church in dangerous times. But in whose name do they act now? (Author description).

Mr Davis has written a true winner in the genre of historical thrillers. His knowledge of the subject shines through and the back story and intricacies of the plot are told in an engaging way. Each nugget of information is revealed as the book progresses, encouraging you to turn the pages. You follow the progress of the unlikely heroine Gabrielle and vigilant Swiss Guard Mike as their quest becomes your own, to find the truth.

The multitude of characters are finely drawn and the squabbling between the inheritors of the Knights Templar are razor sharp and often humorous. This is a multi-stranded, multi-faceted book, well deserving of its Amazon best selling ranking and 5*s.

By Wendy Cartmell

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