The Unseen

The Unseen

Laurel MacDonald has a dream that ends her relationship and begins her new life in North Carolina at Duke University. She finds herself engrossed in the files of the Rhine parapsychology experiments which aimed to prove the existence of ESP. With another professor she delves into the case of the Folger house which was reportedly haunted by a poltergeist in 1965.  The two professors along with two students move into the house to repeat the initial investigations and find that the previous team were found either dead or psychologically wounded.

The quote, ‘atmospheric, spooky, intense and chilling supernatural thriller’ boasted on the front of the book intrigued me into buying this little gem of the ghostly genre. The intensity of Laurel’s investigations into the previous experiments not only adds validity to the story but also entices the reader by building up the tension to the point at which the characters first set foot in the house.

Subtle references to other worldly manifestations, such as footprints that lead nowhere and have no trail and shadowy figures sighted from a balcony; instil a sense of foreboding in the reader right up until the end. Each of the characters are brilliantly portrayed with expert dialogue and intriguing back stories.

Based loosely on fact; Sokoloff has cleverly weaved her own story around some real life inspired events such as the ones written about in the acknowledgements section of the book. She introduces unique examples of poltergeist activity that are not reminiscent of any books I have read in this genre before, completely revamping the clichés and preconceptions we might already have into something fresh and inviting. The book for me is reminiscent of The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters in its subtlety of ‘is there or isn’t there, something more out there?’ Despite having early mornings and droopy eyelids of a night sat up and reading this; I could not, for the last few chapters tear myself away from this book.

For anyone who enjoys a good thriller or ghost story then this is the one for you!

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