These Unquiet Bones

These Unquiet Bones

Trying to get behind the truth of her mother's death, Amy Snow unleashes the skeletons lurking in the darkness of her father's closet, and learns a terrible, twisted truth about her family tree. Meanwhile, a man named Adam is on a mission to restore Paradise to its former glory. To accomplish this, he must find "The Lost One", a girl he calls Eve, and sacrifice her to the god she betrayed the day a talking serpent slithered into the Garden of Eden. (Author description)

These Unquiet Bones is a good young adult read for fans of horror. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever met so many psychotic characters in one book! Poor Amy is surrounded by them and is looked after by a dysfunctional father to boot who cannot come to terms with the horrors of his past. Amy is well drawn and she is the pivotal character in the book. Because of this it reads like a YA novel as most of the action is from Amy’s point of view. We follow the emotional struggles she has with her father, her friends and close friend/would be boyfriend Layne.

We only learn the details of Amy’s father’s secret about two thirds into the book, which has the effect of slowing down the pace of the novel and for a horror/thriller I would have liked it to have a faster tempo. This also means that the final third of the book seems rushed by comparison.

A good horror read and definitely not for the squeamish!

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