Packed with help, tips, advice and tales from the vegan side of life, this book shows you how to become a healthy, happy and confident vegan in what is a mostly non-vegan world. The writers do not hold back in telling you how it is, if you buy this book, it is time to take off those rose tinted glasses.

Vegan Freak

Vegan Freak

I am a new vegan and have watched you tube videos and read a lot around the subject, but this book contains elements of all those things so you can absorb all the information in one go. I suspect anyone reading this who is on the fence will tip over to vegan living once they have been fully educated about what really goes on behind the walls of a slaughter house. That said, the authors offer other resources for further reading if you feel you need to know about something in more depth.

I personally responded most to the section about how to tackle friends and family as I am the only vegan in my circle and it can be challenging at times to explain why I decided to change my ways. People get defensive and don't understand why after so many years there is a sudden switch. Sometimes it's uncomfortable for them; they may feel like a familiar part of you they once knew has been taken away. But the most important thing to remember is that you are not responsible for their reaction- only yours and how you handle the situation. The authors stress the importance of educating yourself with a response for those who resist through lack of understanding, that way you are always armed with a comeback when you are asked lots of questions.

The book contains very strong yet well placed language throughout that makes you sit up and pay attention, even if you are reading it last thing at night. A well rounded read for anyone considering veganism or who is already immersed in the lifestyle.

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