When I went vegan I thought that pizza was no longer an option for me at meal times. All the cheese, eggs and meat were bound to mean that pizza was never going to be a regular dish in my house ever again right? That was until I discovered Vegan Pizza.

Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza

Julie Hasson has proved with this book that you can make the most unexpected foods, even when following a vegan lifestyle- like Pizza (with cheese!).

The good news is there isn't just one recipe for dough either- with the inclusion of Spelt Dough, White Whole Wheat Pizza Dough and Gluten Free Dough- there are many choices so you are by no means restricted with your base.

The book includes recipes from around the globe too, so don't assume an all Italian menu- you can take inspiration from many different countries, such as Thai Peanut, Pineapple and Jalapeno and Cowboy Pizza with barbecue sauce.

I once read that there were thousands of calories in just one slice of pizza from a well know pizzeria, which I will not name. It may or may not be true, but it made me sit up and realise that I had no idea what I was being served in most pizza joints I frequented. With this book- you know exactly what you are putting in your body and can make healthier choices or be a little more indulgent- but this book provides you with recipes that won't be as bad for you as anything shop or restaurant bought.

I was pleasantly surprised by how few ingredients I needed and how simple they were. There is a fear with some vegan recipes and cooking books, when you first start out, that there will be a huge list of ingredients required to create a dish that costs the earth. But these doughs require ordinary ingredients so you will find the money you put aside for takeout pizza every week/ month will go much further.

There is so much flexibility with toppings you can spice them up or tone them down and tailor a recipe to suit your needs and preferences so there is room for manoeuvre if there is something you want to add or take away from a suggestion.

I never thought I would be able to make pizza- of the vegan or non-vegan variety, but this easy to follow step by step guide is the best place to start if you don't want to lose firm family favourite from your repertoire.

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