The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date

Originally released in 2004 under the name Asking For Trouble, it was changed for a tie in edition after a film adaptation in 2005 starring Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney and Amy Adams.


 The premise is simple, Sophy is single and living life to the full it until her sister’s wedding comes around. She has a devised a plan to keep her mother off her back about her love life and made up a fake boyfriend called Dominic. The plan is going well until they invite Dominic and her to the wedding. She is stuck with whether to come clean about her unhealthy imaginary world or to bring Dominic with her. The latter is much more appealing and so she hires an escort. She is not nearly prepared for the dashing and loveable man that walks into her life, with the lure payment of course, Josh Carmichael. Sophy realises that his good looks and the wedding are not the only troubles that lie ahead.


A wonderful story of getting back at your ex, which we all love or would love to do. They say love can be found in the unlikeliest of places and this book pulls out all the stops to prove this theory right. Sophy is an identifiable character for every women how has ever dated, broken up with someone or wanted to feed their own mother with all manner of rubbish to keep her quiet. Doing what most of us would not dare, we allow ourselves to enjoy the fantasy of dating the most desirable man in the room, so that all of our friends (and exs) are jealous! The Wedding Date is delicious romp in a world of romance, betrayal and family dynamics that will leave you feeling like your bundled up in bubble wrap!


Recommended to me by my roommate at University, this was the best dose of feel good fiction she could have given me!


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