The Evil Beneath

The Evil Beneath

The Evil Beneath is a page turning thriller with lots of psychological insights, as the main protagonist is a psychotherapist, who is unwillingly dragged into a police investigation, when a female body is dragged out of the River Thames, wearing her clothes. I found the river and bridge references really interesting as Juliet Grey and DCI Brad Madison race their way around London trying to solve the clues sent by the killer and find the bodies.

The various story threads are expertly woven together, with several red herrings thown in for good measure, before the identity of the killer is revealed.

I loved the way each character was brought to life through their own foibles and problems and thought the growing attraction between Juliet and Brad was well done, keeping the magnetism fizzing along throughout the book. This is an absorbing read and the author A J Waines draws on her many years experience as a psychotherapist, some of which were spent with clients in high security prisons.

A professionally crafted and produced e-thriller.

by Wendy Cartmell

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