A new app called Magiscriptor, part of the Crosslisting suite, which took the reselling sector in the United States by storm after its release, is finally set to be launched in the UK market. After achieving remarkable success across various US digital selling platforms, such as Poshmark, the team behind the application is now poised to bring its advanced capabilities to UK resellers to help them bolster their online presence and optimize their sales.

Paul Keenan

Paul Keenan

Developed by Michael Chierchio, with his wife Erica, Umair Juwaid, and Paul Keenan, a tech visionary with a unique background in technology, photography, and marketing, Magiscriptor has been a trailblazing tool specifically designed to elevate the digital retail space. 

"This AI software has the potential to revolutionize the future. It will be utilized in various applications, which is quite exciting," shares Keenan. "Currently, our focus is on resellers, particularly those using platforms like Poshmark and eBay. We provide product descriptions that help sell their products and optimize their rankings on Google."

The main reason why the app was developed was because of an all-too-common issue that the majority of resellers face: sharing their closet. 

In the reselling sector, "closet" is a term used to describe the collection of items ready to be showcased to potential buyers. However, creating product descriptions individually is a tedious and time-consuming task.

That's where the app comes in. The app is designed to assist in creating compelling product descriptions that grab customers' attention and drive sales. It utilizes artificial intelligence to generate professional-grade descriptions quickly, with the added benefits of SEO optimization and a plagiarism-free guarantee.

Aside from Poshmark and eBay, the app can be used on various other platforms, like the widely popular Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, Mercari, REDBUBBLE, Depop, Woocommerce, and others.

"We also provide some free credits for first-time logins and referrals. On top of that, we have a feature called ‘add tone’ where users can change the content behavior as per the users’ needs, for example, formal, attractive, professional, and others," Keenan highlights.

The app's beta version is already available for users who sign up with their email. While the app has yet to be officially released, it is already available on the Play Store and the App Store. 

For now, the app has the same version as the one available on the US market. Still, the team plans to make some vast adjustments over time to cater to the needs of UK users, both in terms of language and specific regional preferences.

"We are beyond excited about our expansion to the UK, but there are going to be so many things that we will have to tackle down the line regarding the users’ specific preferences," shares Keenan. "It's fascinating to work on software that can adapt to different types of English, considering the variations in spelling, vocabulary, and even accents."

The team aims to provide a tailored experience for users who prefer a more localized approach. They are also exploring the possibility of providing audio conversion for keyword descriptions, so users can listen to the content instead of just reading it. Yet, these aspects are set to be integrated later on, much after the official UK release.

The expansion into the UK is a significant move for the company. Aside from the linguistic and content adjustments, the app's pricing will also be adapted to the UK market.

"Magiscriptor is free to download and can be initially used with free credits. Once the credits expire, they can purchase more. However, People need to remember that they will need a stable internet connection for the app to function properly," Keenan emphasizes.

The app has various in-app purchase options: the Starter Package for $4.99, the Basic Package for $9.99, the Silver Package for $14.99, and the Gold Package for $19.99. The prices aimed at the UK market have yet to be formally revealed.

Regarding privacy, one of the developers, Michael Chierchio, indicated that the app might collect data, including financial information, contact information, user content, search history, and diagnostics. Still, it is not linked to the user's identity, which can significantly ease some modern-day concerns related to digital technology.

Apart from the app, the developers provide short videos filled with tips, trend topics, and tricks based on thrift shops or vintage shop findings, including the names of the shops. Through their overarching online presence, the team hopes to reach as broad an audience as possible and help resellers worldwide.

"We’re hoping that the expansion to the UK will be as successful as it has been in the US," Keenan says. "We have brilliant plans for the future, and we’re going to work hard to make them all come true."