Life can sometimes be a tough hurdle to get over, especially when things are not working in your favour. You can become overwhelmed with low self-esteem, making everything all the more difficult.

Coach Max has worked hard for her success

Coach Max has worked hard for her success

But true to the famous phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” you can always overturn your fortunes, provided you find what you want to achieve and work hard to make it a reality. Everyone faces challenges, and you can collect the pieces and rise up to fight again, which matters most.

Coach Max, a prolific woman, is a classic example of what it takes to rise against the odds to find success. She is a renowned business coach, forex mentor, and wealth strategist, making significant moves in what is otherwise termed a male-dominated field. A significant number of people know Coach Max as a young, fearless, 29-year-old powerhouse entrepreneur because of her impact on the business community.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Coach Max was growing up with a dream to be successful and have a family. However, life had other plans for her, as she ended up being a divorced mother of a four-year-old princess. The life she’d dreamed of was proving to be a tall order, and she knew she had to start something and get her life in check.

In 2015, the ambitious single mother started in the network marketing and direct sales industry, where she saw her opportunity to grow. Though passionate, Coach Max had to battle numerous challenges that came her way, including a lack of support at home. She struggled as a mother, dealing with fake friends, jealousy, and financial problems.

To overcome these challenges, Coach Max had to reevaluate her life and manifest her dreams to believe in her vision.

“Part of that was when I was broke; I would speak into existence that my goals were already done. And low and behold, over time, I manifested and created the life I actually wanted, even if certain people were no longer around. I began to reinvent myself, and so I spoke everything into existence until it finally happened for me,” Coach Max explains.

Coach Max has since grown to build numerous teams in the multi-level industry, impacting thousands and helping them learn how to earn additional income in the online space. She is a documented forex trader and mentor, best known for teaching people the forex trading skills, which speaks for itself given the mark she has made on the industry over the years, inspiring many women in particular along her journey.

At present, Coach Max boasts of having a tribe of over 100,000 students and clients she coaches on trading, business strategy, planning, business branding, attraction marketing, monetizing social media organically with no paid advertisements, personal development, financial literacy, and realistic exit strategies for everyday hardworking people.

Coach Max emphasises that having a plan is essential in influencing your success. She also advocates for others to develop their mindsets so they receive more in life and learn skill sets that can break generational curses in their families.