Beyoncé Knowles will give away her latest fragrance for free at her New York show.The 'Crazy In Love' singer is launching Diamonds - a new perfume with Emporio Armani - at her Madison Square Garden concert on Saturday (04.08.07).Twenty "brand ambassadors" will be at the show to give out free samples of Diamonds to the audience.The 25-year-old - who has already leant her name several fragrances produced by designer Tommy Hilfiger - recently fell down a flight of stairs during a concert.Beyoncé was performing her hit 'Ring the Alarm' in Orlando on July 24 when she lost her balance and crashed down a dozen steps, dropping her microphone which slid across the stage.But Beyoncé - who was wearing a trench coat and high heels for the song - quickly grabbed the microphone, sprang to her feet and began singing again, barely missing a beat.When she had finished singing, the star joked: "Don't put it on YouTube!"

Beyoncé previously claimed dancing in heels is "easy", but admits she does find it difficult to dance and sing at the same time.

She said: "The easiest part is dancing in the heels. I don't even think about it anymore, it's just second nature.

"But it is difficult to dance and sing at the same time. I have to make sure I'm in shape and I'm hydrated."

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