Hilary Swank takes her Oscars with her everywhere she goes - so she can share her joy with her family and friends.The 32-year-old star won the prestigious Best Actress award for 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'Boys Don't Cry' and is currently taking the famous golden statuettes on 'tour' with her.Swank revealed to Total Film magazine: "My friends ask to see my Oscars and I love that - to see their excitement. It's fun to share them. That's why the Oscars are travelling around with me right now, they're out there bringing a lot of joy to my mom and my agent and all those people who believed in me."Despite being a two-time Academy Award winner, the 'Freedom Writers' star insists she doesn't consciously seek out potentially Oscar-winning roles.She said: "I've never searched out Oscar roles. I've always searched for roles that have inspired me in some way and tried to do the best work possible."I'm searching out those pieces that move me and help me to challenge myself as bothe an actor and a person."

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