Alanis Morissette was inspired to sing by Kate Bush.

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette

The 46-year-old star is a huge fan of Kate's 1978 debut single 'Wuthering Heights', and has admitted to being inspired by her success.

Speaking on the inaugural episode of 'Alanis Radio' on Apple Music Hits, she shared: "She was 19 when this came out in 1978, she's English, the song is called 'Wuthering Heights' and she became the first female to achieve a UK Number 1 with a self-written song.

"And the song title and the narrative and the content of the song is based on Emily Bronte's book by the same name, 'Wuthering Heights'. Emily Bronte of the Bronte sisters, Charlotte and Anne, Charlotte having written 'Jane Eyre', lots of books.

"They originally published their poems and novels under male pseudonyms. Oh, patriarchy.

"They had to pretend to be men to be taken seriously in the literary world, but that obviously changed, which is exciting..."

Alanis admits Kate's success gave her the belief that she too could one day become a "legit singer".

The 'Ironic' hitmaker can still remember being wowed by her voice and it giving her the encouragement to pursue a music career.

She explained: "Kate Bush was so gorgeous to me.

"Her voice was so beautiful to the point where I really believed that if I could sing along with her and hit the same notes as her, that I had a tiny chance to be able to be a legit singer at some point."

Meanwhile, Alanis previously revealed she was against having 'Ironic' on her 'Jagged Little Pill' album.

The single was the biggest hit from the 1995 album, but Alanis was initially reluctant to put it on the record.

She said: "You know, I didn't even want that song on the record.

"I remember a lot of people going, 'Please, please, please.' That was one of the first songs Glen Ballard and I wrote, almost like a demo. But people wound up liking the melody, and I wasn't that precious about it."