Alicia Keys would love to headline Glastonbury one day.

Alicia Keys wants to headline Glastonbury

Alicia Keys wants to headline Glastonbury

The 43-year-old singer recently performed alongside Usher at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, and Alicia now has her sights set on headlining the world-famous festival in south-west England.

Alicia told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "With the Super Bowl, when you prepare for something like that your heart is racing.

"Even though I am not doing a dance, your voice can’t keep up with it because of the adrenaline.

"When you’re chilling in your room and then you are out there in front of 80,000 in the stadium it is ridiculous.

"It has trained me on how to figure out my breath and to learn how to keep my voice calm when everything else is chaotic and full of energy.

"And Glastonbury? I think that needs to happen, don’t you?"

Alicia is thrilled to see so many women shining brightly in the music industry at the moment.

The 'If I Ain't Got You' hitmaker shared: "I am so excited for the way women are taking over music.

"We have an organisation called She Is The Music and it is about really increasing the numbers of women on every side of the industry, from producers to engineers to lawyers and creatives and business entrepreneurs.

"You do see a lot of growth.

"We now have a seat at our own table to dictate the way things are going. You really do see women.

"There is so much creativity."

Alicia grew up in the Hell's Kitchen neighbourhood of New York City, and she's praised her mom for helping her to overcome the odds.

The singer explained: "I was raised by a single mother and she is a rock to me, unbelievable.

"I am so happy the way I was raised by an inspirational woman like her who was so fierce and so determined.

"She showed me about being a woman and about owning your power.

"You need to be tough and it taught me to be my version of strong."