Carrie Fisher feared that 'Star Wars' would be a "disaster".

Carrie Fisher had major concerns about Star Wars

Carrie Fisher had major concerns about Star Wars

The late actress is best known for her role as Princess Leia in the sci-fi franchise but a new memoir from her best friend Griffin Dunne has revealed that she had serious concerns about the part at first.

Dunne wrote in 'The Friday Afternoon Club: A Family Memoir', an extract of which has been published by The Sunday Times newspaper: "It was 1976 and one day Carrie said offhandedly that she had landed a job in some science-fiction movie shooting in England.

"'Is there a part in it for me?' I asked, oblivious to what a normal person would say, like 'Congrats' or 'That's great!''

In reference to co-star Mark Hamill, Carrie responded: "The only one you would have been right for is being played by Mark somebody.

"It's a really stupid script and you would have turned it down, I promise."

Dunne explained how Carrie - who passed away aged 60 in 2016 after suffering a cardiac arrest while flying from London to Los Angeles - became increasingly anxious during filming for 'Star Wars' and she hated the way Leia's hair was styled in the picture.

He wrote: "'You should see what they did to my hair!' She had screamed into the phone on location, usually mornings before going on set for her, four in the morning for me. 'I look like I'm wearing two bagels over my ears.'

"And I'm acting with an eight-foot yeti and a four-foot Brit in a rolling trash can! We shoot at s*** we can't see on screens with ray guns that don't even have a trigger. This movie is going to be a f****** disaster."