Danielle Lloyd is open to having a sixth child.

Danielle Lloyd is open having another baby after having Autumn Rose

Danielle Lloyd is open having another baby after having Autumn Rose

The 37-year-old former Miss Great Britain has admitted she wants to expand her brood, just days after giving birth to her first daughter, Autumn Rose, with husband Michael O’Neill - with whom she also has three-year-old son Ronnie.

But the ex-model - who also has sons Archie, 10, Harry, nine, and seven-year-old George with ex-husband Jamie O'Hara - admitted she will need to "persuade" her other half to add to their family.

She told new! magazine: “The longer I have her at home, it’s like ‘Oh my God, she might need a little sister. But I’ll have to persuade Michael first.”

However, she admitted that the little one’s arrival had “definitely completed” them as a family as everyone is pitching in to help.

Danielle also spilled what sparked the “cute” seasonal name she gave her newborn and how she decided on it.

She shared: “I had a few names like Autumn and Meadow and I thought they were really cute. We didn’t decide straight away and I watched her change day by day.

"Michael really liked Rosie and I really liked Autumn.

"I liked both, but then people kept on sending me pictures of dogs called Rosie and I was like, ‘Oh no, is this a sign?’ I just thought, the season is Autumn, she’s dark and tanned and just so gorgeous and she looks like an Autumn.

"And we’ve got Rose in there also after Michael’s nan.”

The former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star acknowledged the name was not “traditional” like her boys.

Danielle said: “I know it’s different from the boys and not a traditional name, but it just suited her.”

The Liverpudlian also shared how her son Archie is already acting as his little sibling's protective older brother.

On her wishes for the tot, she said: “To be healthy, have a good life and be happy. I’m so lucky. I heard Arche telling her, ‘I’m going to protect you when you’re older. And my heart just melted.”

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