David Beckham has been accused of “playing the victim” by his alleged mistress Rebecca Loos.

David Beckham has been accused of ‘playing the victim’ by his alleged mistress Rebecca Loos

David Beckham has been accused of ‘playing the victim’ by his alleged mistress Rebecca Loos

The Inter Miami co-owner, 48, has denied he had a fling with former model Rebecca, 46, who insists they had a fling in the 2000s, and has now blasted the former footballer of making her “look like a liar” when he addressed their apparent affair in his newly released Netflix documentary ‘Beckham’.

She told the Daily Mail: “I understand he has an image to preserve, but he is portraying himself as the victim and he’s making me look like a liar, like I’ve made up these stories.

“It’s all, ‘Poor me.’ He needs to take responsibility.”

Rebecca used a bombshell 2004 interview to claim she and then-Real Madrid player David had an affair behind the back of his 49-year-old wife Victoria Beckham.

She also claimed they frequently sexted, but only when he initiated it due to his life at home.

Rebecca told Sky News in 2004: “You have got to remember, he is a married man. What if he is at lunch with Victoria? You have to wait for him to come to you.”

David said on his Netflix film about the impact of Rebecca’s stories on his marriage: “I don’t know how we got through it in all honesty. Victoria is everything to me. To see her hurt was incredibly difficult, but we’re fighters.

“We needed to fight for each other and for our family. What we had was worth fighting for.”

Rebecca added to the Mail she felt he was “indirectly suggesting” she was the one who “made Victoria suffer”

She said: “Yes, the stories were horrible, but they’re true.

“He talks in the documentary about this ultimately being his private life, shutting it down.

“I think it’s one thing to keep your private life to yourself. It’s another thing to mislead the public.”

Rebecca said she was only speaking about her allegations again to defend herself against David’s statements in the documentary.

She added: “And I also have a family and I also have children and they also have Google and they can also watch documentaries.

“And I want them to know that their mother was brave enough to stand up against them and to stand up for the truth.”

Rebecca has reinvented herself as a wellness influencer, who now lives with her Norwegian doctor Sven Christjar Skaiaa, who she married in 2012, and their two sons.

David and Victoria have been married 24 years and have sons Brooklyn, 24, Romeo, 21, Cruz, 18, as well as 12-year-old daughter Harper.