Drake celebrated his son's fourth birthday with a racing car-themed party.

Drake and Adonis (c) Instagram

Drake and Adonis (c) Instagram

The 'God's Plan' hitmaker treated fans to a glimpse of the celebrations he'd staged for little Adonis - whose mother is Sophie Brussaux - on his Instagram account over the weekend, sharing two photos of the bash.

In the first picture, Drake and Adonis posed in front of the car-themed birthday display, which included a sign that read: "Adonis races into 4."

He captioned the post:"[heart emoji] TEACHA [heart emoji] MORE LIFE KID (sic)"

In a second post, Drake laughed as he held his son while the youngster charged towards the camera like a superhero, and the 34-year-old star captioned the image with a running emoji.

The 'Hotline Bling' rapper also shared a short video on his Instagram Story of Adonis leading a giant Bugs Bunny character - dressed in a LeBron James jersey like in 'Space Jam 2' - around a food court, before giving the costumed creature a container of popcorn to enjoy.

Drake revealed in June 2018 that he had a son and he previously admitted it was "freeing" to open up about his little boy.

He said: "I posted those pictures. It was great for me. It was great to just share that with the world and I just felt like ... It wasn't even anything I talked to anybody about or anything I planned. I just woke up one morning and I was like, you know what? This is just something that I want to do. I want to be able to go places with my son and share memories with my son. I don't want to feel like just because of a life choice I made to be a 'celebrity' that I got to make everybody live under this blanket. So, I just wanted to free myself of that."

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