Florence Pugh and Zach Braff are using music to get through their coronavirus self-isolation.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh

The couple have been quarantining together at home in the Hollywood Hills, and have formed a new "tradition" together of playing music that has been written in the area surrounding their home.

Florence said: "We're in the hills [Hollywood Hills] at the moment, and so what we're doing, because it's got all of this old hippy history, people play music from the hills that have been written here. We play it during the day, or in the afternoon or in the evening. So that's kind of our tradition."

The 'Midsommar' actress says her entire neighbourhood has gotten involved with the music-themed fun, as some houses will host "isolated gigs" on their roofs for everyone to enjoy at a safe distance.

She added during an appearance on 'Table Manners with Jessie Ware': "It's mainly in the evening and especially on the weekend. Every Saturday, they do these isolated gigs on the top of people's roofs. There will be like a singer singing one song over there and then another singer will be singing one song over there, so it's really beautiful.

"You can go out on your front porch and listen to all of the music in the hills. I haven't seen any famous people giving the concert just yet, but lots of lovely singing."

The 24-year-old actress is enjoying her time at home with the 'Scrubs' star, 45, and recently clapped back at online trolls who have slammed their relationship because of the 21-year age gap between them.

Florence took to social media to address the "horrid hurling abuse" she received after posting a birthday tribute to Zach, as she said the abuse forced her to switch off the comments on the post because she doesn't want her Instagram to be a "toxic" place.

The 'Little Women' star said: "On Monday, I posted a photo in honor of Zach's birthday and I wrote a birthday message underneath.

"Within about eight minutes of the photo being posted, I had about 70 per cent of the comments hurling abuse and being horrid - basically bullying someone on my page.

"It is the first time in my entire Instagram life that I've had to turn off the comments on my page.

"I've never been an Instagram page that encourages that. I've never been an Instagram page that likes that toxic vibe."

And later in the clip, she added: "I do not need you to tell me who I should and should not love and I would never in my life tell anyone who they can and cannot love. It is not your place."