The 31-year-old model - who is the daughter of Rolling Stone Sir Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall - may appear confident on the catwalk and in her modelling shots, but she can be introverted.

Georgia May Jagger

Georgia May Jagger

In a Q+A for Grazia magazine, she admitted: "The last thing people would guess about me is that I get really shy sometimes."

When she has been feeling "stressed", her friend reminded her that life is too short to worry.

She said: "I think I've been a bit stressed, and a friend reminded me that life goes quick, so I should remember to have fun."

The one activity where she is at peace is walking her dog.

However, the designer confessed that her dog walking outfits are questionable.

She said: "Every dog walking outfit I wear is a fashion mistake: just a jumble of things fresh out of the dryer and some old trainers."

One thing that Georgia struggles with is public speaking, but she has been facing her fears.

She told Harper's BAZAAR last year: “I am trying to get better at doing the things that scare me – I have always been terrified of public speaking, I've had huge anxiety around it but I had this opportunity to give out an award at the BRITs this year and I thought, ‘I am just going to do it’. My mum always says 'Make hay while the sun shines' – I don't want to feel regret about saying no to great opportunities just because I feel nervous. And there is nothing better than that feeling afterwards when you do something you are afraid of.”

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