Gerard Butler's mobile home has been stolen.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

The 49-year-old actor was restoring his $11,000 1969 Airstream Silver Sovereign trailer when it was swiped from a car park in California a few days ago, according to TMZ.

A source told the publication that the vintage vehicle was "essentially a shell" when it was taken from the parking lot at a fabrication shop in the San Fernando Valley.

The Los Angeles Police Department are said to have no suspects at the moment, however know that the person or people who stole it smashed a gate at the parking lot in order to get the trailer.

The '300' star lost part of his real house in California to the devastating wildfires in November.

But despite his own loss, Gerard turned his attention towards helping to fund the rebuilding process throughout the Malibu community by hosting a fundraiser for victims of the wildfires at one of his other homes later that month, where he told attendees that it is tough for local parents to "explain to their kids what happened to their home".

During his speech, Gerard told guests including Jamie Foxx, Sean Penn, Cindy Crawford, Minnie Driver, The Edge and Robin Thicke: "We're here tonight to try and remedy that situation. Thank you all so much for coming."

At one point during the evening, Sean Penn took to the stage and he praised the firefighters "who saved our homes" and "who risked their lives".

The fundraiser was staged to benefit the The Malibu Foundation, an organisation created by a group of Malibu residents including Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.