Harrison Ford can see similarities between himself and Han Solo.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

The 73-year-old actor has reprised the iconic role for the new J.J. Abrams-directed 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', and Harrison thinks it's important to have some sort of empathy with his on-screen character in order to play the part.

Asked if he's a fan of Han Solo, the Hollywood legend said: "Yes. But it's less important that I like [Solo] than that I recognise the things in my life we have in common. I think it's really important that as an actor you make an emotional investment in the work you do. That emotion is the language of film. And it's achieved in many different ways.

"It's emotionally bolstered by the visual element, by the music, by the director ... But if you're not thinking about emotion then you're just walking through it."

Harrison admitted he takes an active interest in the lives of other people, because it helps him to develop a better understanding of the world.

He told British GQ magazine: "I am interested in the lives of all people. And how the telling of their story adds to the general understanding of how the world works. This is storytelling and that is where the strength is.

"In terms of my career, I've found people really do need stories to help them interpret the difficult terrain of life.

"This is a powerful experience to realise, to feel you are mining that vein that is common to all men. Whether that be playing the good guy or the bad guy, positive or negative. I want to have my hands on the glue."