Kyle Richards' sprawling $8 mansion, previously owned by Smokey Robinson, is haunted.

Kyle Richards has revealed the spooky goings on at her mansion

Kyle Richards has revealed the spooky goings on at her mansion

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star has revealed her lavish Encino home is plagued by the supernatural and everyone that dares set foot inside has heard the sound of footsteps.

During an appearance on 'The Kelly Clarkson Show' this week, the host asked: “Do you believe in supernatural stuff? Like, have you ever seen ghosts?

“I haven’t, I want to.”

To which, Kyle replied: “Oh, come over to my house."

As well as the footsteps at the old property, Kyle revealed she's experienced some other "strange" spookings since her mother, Kathleen Richards, passed away in 2002.

She continued: “I’ve lost both my parents and I’ve had some things happen.

“Like a lot of things happen, especially after my mom passed away.

“Things happen like lights going on where they weren’t even plugged in, really weird things.

“And then my house that I live in now was built in 1882 and moved by trolley in 1912.

“And I hear footsteps a lot. Every one of my family has heard the footsteps.”

Kyle, 52, met music legend Smokey, 83, at the Oscars earlier this year, and he asked if she'd heard the footsteps yet.

She said: "I did not need to hear that. I wanted to believe that I was imagining it. But the funny thing is it feels safe though. It’s, like, a good spirit.”

The ghosts have seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms to creep about in.

Kyle split from husband Mauricio Umansky, 53, in July, but they currently still live together.