Ioan Gruffudd's ex-wife Alice Evans claims she needs to apply for "food stamps and welfare" payments because she can't afford to feed her kids.

Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans are at odds over their finances

Ioan Gruffudd and Alice Evans are at odds over their finances

The actor filed for divorce from Alice - the mother of his children Ella, 14, and 10-year-old Elsie - in March 2021 after 14 years of marriage - with the split finalised in July last year but the pair have been involved in a bitter legal battle over child custody and money issues.

Now Alice, 55, alleges Ioan hasn't paid her any child support since May and she's "struggling" to find the cash to buy food. In legal papers filed in court on July 1 - and obtained by the Daily Mail newspaper - Alice wrote: "While I am struggling to put food on the table for the children, Ioan is jet setting around the world ... "

The former couple had been due to take part in hearings over child support and spousal support payments in April, but it's been delayed until later this year and Alice claims she faces applying for public assistance unless the court can ask her ex to make "guideline" payments until their issues are resolved.

She added: "I cannot wait months for a trial to receive child support and spousal support ... I have drained all of my personal savings paying my prior attorneys in this case ... As it stands I am behind on rent and utility payments and friends have started dropping off groceries and food so the children can eat. I will be applying for food stamps and welfare."

According to the newspaper, a lawyer for Alice added in the latest legal filing: "Alice is applying for public assistance because she is unable to support herself and the children ... It appears that the financial trial will be several months away and Alice will not be able to survive without the receipt of guideline spousal support.

"Ioan has the ability to pay spousal support based upon his greater ability to earn income and his ongoing lavish lifestyle. For these reasons, Alice requests guideline child and spousal support."

In the papers, Alice says Ioan has been busy jetting around the world to promote his latest movie 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die' and claims he has been able to buy new Rolex watches for himself and his fiancee Bianca Wallace as well as her "expensive engagement ring".

Ioan announced his engagement to Bianca in January and she recently cleared up speculation about when the romance started by revealing they didn't get together until four months after the actor split from Alice.

In her post on Instagram, Bianca added: "There’s something different and deeper, something so special about a relationship that is built within the midst of pain, chaos and fire… To everyone who knows what we have gone through, to those who have gone through it themselves and survived – How lucky are we?

"It’s a different kind of love and strength on the other side ... Thank you for seeing the truth and sharing your stories of survival, strength and love – A love that runs so deep that no amount of darkness can get in. Nothing but love over here."