James Haskell and Chloe Madeley will invite Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, to their wedding vow renewal ceremony.

James Haskell and Chloe Madeley

James Haskell and Chloe Madeley

The rugby star and the television presenter tied the knot in 2018 and are planning a second wedding celebration to renew their vows, and have said they are extending invitations to the two royals - who now reside in California - but aren’t sure if they’ll actually attend.

When asked if they are going to invite Harry - who is a close friend of James - and his wife to the event, Chloe revealed: “Yes, they will be invited, but whether or not they will come is a different question entirely.

“James and Harry go way back and they’ve stayed in touch. But because so many of our friends have had to reschedule their weddings, James and I felt it would be selfish to tell everybody to book out a weekend for our wedding when we’re already married, so we’re going to stay quiet on that front for at least a year.

“We were going to do it in Mykonos, but now it will likely be the south of France, which is where my parents have a house. We’ll have a big fat party with everyone.”

The 33-year-old fitness enthusiast - who is the daughter of TV stars Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan - also spoke about feeling “broody” and wanting to start a family, but insisted she and James’ pet pooch Bert has “filled up all [her] broody space” for now.

Chloe said she and James, 35, aren’t putting “pressure” on themselves to have kids, but also think it would be a “lovely surprise” if Chloe did fall pregnant.

She told the Daily Star Sunday’s TV Life magazine: “I was starting to get broody and then we got Bert and he’s filled up all my broody space. But there is something about these little things covered in fat that I do love. We’re not not trying, but we’re also not trying. There is absolutely no pressure. Who knows what the next couple of years will bring?

“If it happened it would be a lovely surprise. I’ve watched that happen to my brothers and I think they’re very lucky because it doesn’t happen for everyone and it may not happen for me.”