Jamie Foxx has found the "perfect" girlfriend in Alyce Huckstepp.

Jamie Foxx is said to have found the perfect girlfriend

Jamie Foxx is said to have found the perfect girlfriend

The 56-year-old star took time out of the public eye last year after being faced with a mystery illness but recently announced plans to hit the stage again with a return to his comedy roots and now an insider has claimed that is in "very good health" after striking up a relationship with Alyce.

The source told People: "[Jamie] enjoying his good health and ALyce couldn’t be nicer or more perfect for him. Alyce is a sweetie, a great girl. Thanks, in part, to her, Jamie is doing incredibly well.

"Jamie still sees Alyce even though he is really busy working.

"Jamie is a social guy, he likes to be around his friends, he has to be busy doing all kinds of different things."

The 'Not Another Church Movie' star was first linked to Alyce towards the end of last year and recently explained he will reveal all about what kept him out of the spotlight for so long with an upcoming comedy special.

He told Extra TV: “Everybody wants to know what happened and I’m gonna tell you what happened, but I gotta do it in my way. I’m gonna do it in a funny way. We’re gonna be on stage. We’re gonna go back to the standup sort of roots.”

Jamie then poked fun at the conspiracy theory that he had been replaced by a clone following his hospitalisation as he admitted he was “thankful beyond belief” to be getting back to normal.

"He said: “I was drinking some water. Wow, you taste this water, it’s so wet… was it like this before I passed away? I dove out of a car to save a black woman’s purse and I’m taking a picture. That ain’t no damn Jamie. That’s a clone.

“I’m thankful beyond belief.”

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