Jason Sudeikis has been praised as a real-life Ted Lasso.

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis

The 45-year-old actor created and stars in the show about a relentlessly positive and kind-hearted American football coach who takes over a UK soccer team and Jason proved he shares some traits with the titular character when he send a heartfelt note to a journalist after the death of his father.

Uproxx senior entertainment writer Mike Ryan revealed that three years ago, when interviewing Jason about his movie 'Kodachrome' - about a man trying to heal his rift with his dying father - he revealed that his own dad had recently passed away.

Following the interview, Jason wrote him a beautiful email, where he thanked him for being brave enough to share his grief.

Jason wrote: "Just wanted to shoot ya a quick note and let ya know that I’m so sorry for your loss. And I thank you for feeling comfortable enough with me to share. Please please please feel ZERO regret in doing so.

"It’s important and f****** necessary for us human beings to do that. To connect. To share. And to not concern ourselves too much with the outcome of such bravery. Especially the men of the world. Our generation is the first to 'understand' that notion, but darn it, I’d love to try and be the first generation of fellas to 'live' the notion as well. So let’s both continue to attempt to be on that 'side of history' shall we?"

Referring to the "four rolls of Kodachrome" - Kodak's high quality film - in the movie that the protagonist's father asks him to get developed before he dies, Jason wrote: "I wish you all the luck and openness in the universe on finding the 'four rolls of Kodachrome' your own father left you. Because he did. It’s out there. I know it is.

"The one thing I want you to consider though is that it might not be physically 'out there', because it might actually be living inside of you. And through you. And merely accepting that possibility might be where and when the 'finding' happens.

"You see deeply into things for a living. Allow yourself the experience of doing that to yourself, for yourself.

"Okay man. Be well. Always good to see and speak with you."

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