Hannah Waddingham is "hopeful" of making more 'Ted Lasso' episodes.

Hannah Waddingham would love to reprise her most iconic role

Hannah Waddingham would love to reprise her most iconic role

The 49-year-old actress has played Rebecca Welton in the award-winning comedy series since 2020, and Hannah would love to make more episodes of the show.

Asked if she could reprise the role of Rebecca, the actress told 'Extra': "I’m hopeful."

Hannah has developed a tight bond with her 'Ted Lasso' co-stars over recent years, and she'd love to reunite with them in the future.

The London-born actress - who starred on the hit TV show alongside the likes of Jason Sudeikis and Brett Goldstein - shared: "When we're not all together … I can't ever tell anyone how much we are such a family, and it becomes like a real chosen family even when something has closed."

Hannah previously admitted that he didn't feel ready to say goodbye to Rebecca.

She told Bazaar.com in 2023: "Oh God, I don't think I'll ever make peace or will say goodbye to her properly.

"I will never be ready to hang up her high heels. We can send that as a gentle, friendly nudge to Jason."

Hannah feels very invested in the character, who is a middle-aged woman trying to reclaim her life.

The actress explained: "I've cared so deeply how that demographic is portrayed, and how people find themselves in life, newly divorced and trying to find their way, so that will be a very strange thing for me to not be speaking on her behalf anymore."

Hannah also revealed that she loved the "ebb and flow" of her on-screen character.

She said: "In all the characters I play, I like seeing the ebb and flow of confidence and vulnerability."