Jeannie Mai is “grateful” to be celebrating her birthday following her recent health scare.

Jeannie Mai

Jeannie Mai

The ‘Real’ co-host turned 42 on Tuesday (05.01.21), and took to Instagram to tell her followers she is “grateful of the little things”, two months after she was diagnosed with a parapharyngeal abscess, which was “near life-threatening”.

She wrote: “This year is unlike any other year I’ve ever celebrated my birthday. It was an awakening year, one that made me recognize what it means to be truly GRATEFUL. Grateful for the little things that soothe my soul and making time to print pictures off my phone for my home, re-reading all the books that moved me as a child, (Flowers for Algernon..still an all-time fave), learning to dance and face my fears in front of America.

“I’m grateful for the STRENGTH and resilience in my body after surgery, grateful to nourish it back to health, grateful for the healing love of my soulmate, Jay, and my family; and thankful for everyone here who has supported and encouraged me with such love and humor from around the world. (sic)”

Jeannie then specifically thanked her fans for making the last year special, as she said she’s glad she’s able to “create”.

She added: “Thank YOU for this 42nd year of life that makes me grateful to CREATE!! The year ahead invigorates me to create all the things I’ve always wanted to enjoy. Specifically for my health and for my love of fashion ...I’ve got some exciting announcements coming up for Mai Fam!!! But most of all— I am utterly grateful for life. THANK YOU for the birthday wishes!! WHASSS GOOOOOD CAPRICORNS!! (sic)”

Back in November, Jeannie was forced to drop out of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ after her health scare, which left her needing emergency surgery.

The television star later said she’s “thankful to be alive”.

She explained: "My sore throat turned out to be strep throat that quickly turned into a parapharyngeal abscess. I was breathing like Darth Vader. It was a traumatic experience.”